Why is there a $50 Enrollment Deposit?
We ask you to make a deposit as a symbol of your commitment to the program and to others in the class.  Too many people sign up for free training and don't actually show up, and that's not fair to anyone!  We are a non-profit organization, so we refund 100% of this deposit when you complete the program.


What happens after I submit my application?
We will contact you by phone for a short interview.  There’s nothing you need to prepare; we just want to get to know you a bit!  We will inform you whether or not you’ve been accepted shortly thereafter.  The sooner you turn in your application, the sooner you will know!


How can I pay my Enrollment Deposit?
You can send $50 to our Paypal account: https://paypal.me/BostonCareers or you can bring a check, money order, or cash to Maverick Landing Community Services, 31 Liverpool St., East Boston  (Please make checks payable to Boston Career Connections.)  This $50 is 100% refundable upon program completion!


What if I know there’s a day I won’t be able to attend the class?  Please write this on your application!  It will not automatically disqualify you.  You may note any special considerations for your schedule there, and we will consider everything on a case-by-case basis.


What are the rules?
As a program participant you must:

  • Attend all classes during the duration of the training and participate fully in conversations and activities. If you must be absent, please contact your instructor.
  • Maintain a professional appearance with proper grooming and attire.
  • Complete all assignments, mock interviews, and tours.
  • Silence all cell phones before entering the class and do not distract others.
  • Act respectfully towards trainers, participants, and guest speakers at all times.


How do you determine who successfully completes the course?  You will be evaluated on the following:

  • On-time attendance 50%
  • Participation 15%
  • Completed assignments 15%
  • Coaching activities attendance 10%
  • Behavior/professional appearance 10%


Am I guaranteed a job when I complete the course?  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any jobs.  Just like everyone else, you have to apply and be selected.  But we will get you one step closer.  Employers will agree to interview our graduates because they know the program and they recognize the effort you have already made.  After completion of the course, we will continue to connect you to the best opportunities around Boston.


Any other questions?  Send us a message!